PSR-LA’s Nuclear Weapons Community Costs Program

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Programs Expenditures for 2018 =
$61.45 Billion!

Dr. Bob Dodge presenting a check to Ventura County in the amount of tax dollars it spent on nuclear weapons in 1989.

Pictured above: Dr. Bob Dodge presents an over-sized “check” to Ventura County in the amount of tax dollars it spent on nuclear weapons in 1989. Dr. Dodge has continued these calculations every year since.

Every April, Dr. Bob Dodge, President of PSR-LA’s Board, calculates the cost of all nuclear weapons programs to our communities.

For FY 2019, Los Angeles County will spend $1,885,704.418 on nuclear weapons programs, and the city of Los Angeles $750,897,394! These are tax dollars diverted from community needs such as education, health care, environmental protection, and many other important social services – spent instead on deadly weapons that must never be used. These costs will continue to increase with the Trump Administration’s plan to rebuild the U.S. nuclear arsenal to the tune of $1.7 trillion over the next 30 years.

You can learn how to calculate individual or community costs below. A table with costs for major cities throughout the United States, as well as source references, is also provided.


Individual Tax Costs
In 2019, the average cost of nuclear weapons development to every man, every woman, even every child in the United States, was $187.82. This is based on a national per capita average annual income of $31,177. If your income is different from this, you can calculate your income modifier by dividing your income by the national average. For example: your income $ / $31,177.00 = your modifier. Multiply this modifier by $187.82 to get your tax contribution to nuclear weapons programs this year. Your modifier x $187.82 = your nuclear weapons tax contribution

Community Tax Costs
You can calculate the cost of nuclear arms to your community using the following formula:
$187.82 X pcim X your population = community cost. To determine pcim (per capita income multiplier) for your community, refer to source 1 listed below. Find per capita income for your county, divide by national per capita income ($31,177.00) – i.e. average per capita income in your county divided by national per capita average ($31,177.00) = pcim for your county. Population figures for your community can also be found in source 1.


NAE: Nuclear Average Expenditure/per capita U.S.
POP: Population
MI: Median Income
FI: Federal Per Capita Income
PCIM Per Capita Income Modifier (specific to community)
PCNT: Per Capita Nuclear Tax (specific to community)
NE: Nuclear Expenditure

United States187.82327,167,43431,17731,1771187.8261,448,587,454
Tucson, AZ187.82535,67721,68431,1770.7130.6369,976,129
Cupertino City, CA187.8260,77762,96831,1772.02379.3423,055,082
L.os Angeles, CA187.823,999,75931,16331,1771187.74750,897,394
L.A. County, CA187.8210,163,50730,79831,1770.99185.541,885,704,418
Ojai, CA187.827,58241,84431,1771.34252.081,911,281
Oxnard, CA187.82210,03722,26931,1770.71134.1628,177,602
Palo Alto, CA187.8267,17882,57631,1772.65497.4633,418,613
Sacramento Co, CA187.821,530,61529,69331,1770.95178.88273,796,288
San Buenaventura187.82110,79034,49931,1771.11207.8323,025,792
San Diego Co, CA187.823,337,68534,35031,1771.1206.94690,684,328
Santa Barb Co, CA187.82448,15032,87231,1771.05198.0388,747,687
Santa Clara Co, CA187.821,938,15348,68931,1771.56293.32568,494,707
San Jose, CA187.821,035,31740,27531,1771.29242.63251,198,133
Vta Co, CA187.82854,22335,77131,1771.15215.5184,081,377
Eagle Co, CO187.8254,77240,45031,1771.3243.6813,347,030
Vail, CO187.825,48352,57131,1771.69316.71,736,489
Jacksonville, FL187.82892,06227,48631,1770.88165.58147,711,427
Leon Co, FL187.82290,29228,54831,1770.92171.9849,925,022
Miami City, FL187.82463,34725,06731,1770.8151.0169,970,702
Tampa, FL187.82385,43032,86931,1771.05198.0176,320,203
Chicago, IL187.822,716,45032,56031,1771.04196.15532,836,081
Iowa State187.823,156,14530,06331,1770.96181.11571,605,998
Des Moines City, IA187.82217,52126,49431,1770.85159.6134,718,123
Iowa City187.8275,79828,75831,1770.92173.2513,131,790
Johnson Co, IA187.82149,21033,03931,1771.06199.0429,698,351
Portland, ME187.8266,88232,22131,1771.03194.1112,982,424
Baltimore City, MD187.82611,64828,48831,1770.91171.62104,971,411
Montgomery Co, MD187.821,058,81051,16231,1771.64308.22326,342,068
Boston City, MA187.82685,09439,68631,1771.27239.08163,792,875
Northampton, MA187.8228,59336,04531,1771.16217.156,208,866
Flint City, MI187.8296,44815,62231,1770.594.119,076,896
New Hampshire187.821,356,14536,91431,1771.18222.38301,581,536
New Mexico187.822,095,42825,25731,1770.81152.16318,832,086
New York State187.8219,542,20935,75231,1771.15215.384,209,025,032
Ithaca, NY187.8231,00618,98531,1770.61114.373,546,205
Kings Co, NY187.822,648,77129,92831,1770.96180.3477,561,845
New York City, NY187.828,622,69835,76131,1771.15215.441,857,634,823
North Carolina187.8210,383,62028,12331,1770.9169.421,759,211,058
Raleigh, NC187.82464,75835,09431,1771.13211.4298,257,850
Hendersonville, NC187.8213,95425,27131,1770.81152.242,124,363
Cleveland, OH187.82385,52518,84431,1770.6113.5243,765,627
Lane Co, OR187.82374,74827,03231,1770.87162.8561,027,421
Portland City, OR187.82647,80536,49231,1771.17219.84142,412,948
Pennsylvania 187.8212,807,06031,47631,1771.01189.622,428,490,976
Philadelphia City, PA187.821,580,86324,81131,1770.8149.47236,290,367
Pittsburgh, PA187.82302,40730,39731,1770.97183.1255,377,083
Buffalo Co, SD187.821,99910,96031,1770.3566.03131,987
Washington D.C.187.82693,97250,83231,1771.63306.23212,513,566
Washington State187.827,535,59134,86931,1771.12210.061,582,939,529
Seattle, WA187.82724,74551,87231,1771.66312.49226,477,850
Wisconsin State187.825,813,56830,55731,1770.98184.081,070,190,235
Madison, WI187.82255,21434,74031,1771.11209.2853,412,367
Milwaukee City, WI187.82595,35121,62731,1770.69130.2977,566,980
Salt Lake City, UT187.82200,54432,95431,1771.06198.5339,813,038
Burlington, VT187.8242,23926,01131,1770.83156.76,618,784


  1. U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts
  2. Projected Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2019 to 2028 – $33.6 Billion
  3. Other Nuclear Costs: National Missile Defense – $10.5 Billion | Nuclear legacy – $7.175 Billion | NNSA Nuclear Nonproliferation – $1.93 Billion | DOD CTR – $350,000
  4. WMD intel and surveillance – Black Budget – $7.9 Billion. Source: Rick Berger, American Enterprise Institute