Your support is needed for an oil and gas human health and safety buffer!

With your help, we are leading the fight against neighborhood oil drilling on multiple fronts. Yesterday, Los Angeles County announced it is postponing three hearings (originally scheduled for August 5, 11 and 13) on its own oil and gas ordinance revision process. Given our concerns about how accessible these virtual hearings would be for frontline communities, this delay gives us the opportunity to push the County to ensure that whenever these hearings are held, they are done right.   

Our fight at the state level is kicking into high gear starting today. Please read below to see what you can do today and tomorrow to support AB 345, the statewide oil and gas setback bill. AB345 would require the state’s oil and gas agency (California Geologic Energy Management Division or CALGEM) to establish a setback distance between oil and gas extraction sites and sensitive receptors, and it would require CalGEM to consider 2500-ft through their rule-making process.

AB 345 will be heard in the Senate Natural Resource Committee on Wednesday, August 5th at 9 AM and we need your help! It’s critical that our Senators hear from their constituents!

If you’re an organization:

  • Call in during tomorrow’s meeting at 9 AM to give a one-sentence organizational endorsement of AB345: “My name is _____, on behalf of (organization) based in (location), we support AB345.” (See instructions below)

  • Use this social media toolkit and tag key senate targets! Graphics and videos inside! 

  • Encourage members of your organization to call in TODAY to State Senator Bob Hertzberg! Full call-in script in English and Spanish found here

If you’re a resident of the Los Angeles area:

  • Please call State Senator Bob Hertzberg today! Full call-in script in English and Spanish found here

  • Use this social media toolkit and tag key senate targets! Graphics and videos inside! 

If you’re a frontline resident living near an oil drill site in Los Angeles:

  • Please plan to call in at 9 AM on Wednesday to voice your support in one sentence: “My name is _______ and I live dangerously close to an oil drilling site in Los Angeles and I urge you to vote yes on AB345.” (Call-in instructions below) 

  • Please call State Senator Bob Hertzberg today! Full call-in script in English and Spanish found here.

These one-sentence endorsements are a powerful way to demonstrate broad support for the bill. 


  • What: testifying in support of AB 345 at the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Water hearing

  • When: Wednesday, August 5th at 9am (AB 345 is supposed to be first up)

  • Who: supporters of AB 345

    • Unlimited frontline community members

    • Unlimited folks who are constituents of committee members (list here)

  • How: call in by phone, 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 736-2831

    • When you call in, you can listen to the hearing but will be muted

    • Turn off the volume on the device you are watching the hearing on (broadcast will show up on calendar here) and listen using the phone audio (which will be real-time, there can be a delay on video audio)

    • When the chair calls for testimonies in support of the bill, dial 1-0 (one time only)

    • Be patient and an operator will come on the line to give you a line number (i.e. “you’re line 25”) – there can be a short wait until the operator comes on, do not dial 1-0 again or you will be removed from the queue

    • Once you receive a line number, you’re in the queue

    • When it is your turn to speak, the operator will call out your line number and unmute you (“line 25, please make your comment”)

    • Immediately start to address the committee – you ONLY get to say:

      • Your name

      • Your organization/affiliation (include if you’re a frontline resident or constituent – and name which committee member – if applicable)

      • That you support AB 345

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