Walking Las Vegas

Clearly, millions of Americans cared very deeply about the recent election. I was no different.

In the months leading up to the November election I, and many others, made numerous phone calls to swing states, helped register voters locally.

The last weekend in October I traveled to Las Vegas to help get out the vote. Not an official PSR-LA project I was nonetheless joined in Nevada by many supporters, including Richard and Pauline Saxon, Don and Judy Broder, Nina and Marc Merson, Leonard Fisher, Sidney Bergman, Susan Cooder, Loren Woodson, Lila Garrett, Bob Zaugh, Alice Lynn, Andrew Wainer, Nicola Scott, Liz Morgan, Ken Stack, Bill Higgins, Tim Wood, Claire and Melanie Schlotterbeck, Jonathan Parfrey — about forty PSR-LA members all told. Some took to the phones but most of us walked precincts, knocking on doors and talking with voters about the candidates and the key issues facing the nation.

Even though the election didn’t turn out as I would have liked, I was nonetheless so impressed with the thousand-plus volunteers, mostly young people, that I do not regret travelling to our friendly neighboring state.

There will be many post-election assessments. People will point fingers and say what went right and what went wrong. I have to say that the get-out-thevote experience was extremely positive. I saw a new generation of bright and motivated social activists. They have a wonderful esprit de corps and I look forward to the coming years — working with them to build a new L.A. community of professionals and activists.

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