Villaraigosa and the Environment

PSR-LA staffers, Jonathan Parfrey and Martha Arguello, are part of an extraordinary effort to transform Los Angeles, in the words of Mayor Villaraigosa, into the “greenest big city in the world.”

A remarkable new coalition named GreenLA has been meeting for a year. Composed of over fifty environmental organizations, PSR-LA serves on the steering committee and has developed policy recommendations to transform the city’s environmental activities. On July 18, at a City Hall meeting, the mayor warmly greeted the group and welcomed GreenLA’s key recommendations. During the meeting, Martha explained the foundation
of environmental health principles; the Mayor immediately grasped the idea. “‘First, do no harm’—I get it,” he said.

Next steps involve the city council and department managers. If you wish to read GreenLA’s recommendations to the mayor, please contact Emily at (213) 689-9170 x108. We’ll be happy to send you a copy.

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