Member Benefits

  • Our monthly e-mail updates, with information about emerging research, legislative updates, notifications about written educational resources and trainings, and action alerts.
  • Opportunities to engage in advocacy online, locally, and state-wide.
  • Invitations and discounts to special events and health professional trainings, including free entry into our Health Ambassador Program.
  • Connection to local, national, and international organizations and coalitions of physicians, medical students and health advocates working to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. These groups include PSR National, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), and the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA).

Stay up to date on our latest news and actions by visiting our website, where you can easily join or renew your membership. If you have any questions about getting more involved as a member, feel free to call Rahel Kemal, Membership Coordinator at (213) 689-9170, or email her at


What Do Members Have to Say?

member-benefits-quotesBrowse through select profiles of current members and physicians, and learn why supporting and being involved as a PSR-LA member is so important. Join today!

Nancy Gibbs, M.D., Former President, PSR-LA Board of Directors: “I like the way PSR frames the issues of the day through the health prism – whether it is the nuclear threat or gun violence or environmental issues. Everyday we physicians see people who have been impacted by environmental toxins, such as dirty air impacting patients’ COPD. For this reason, we have a great opportunity to provide education to the public, to legislators, and to physicians who may not realize their medical training has given them a way to think about social issues in an entirely new way.”  Read more about Dr. Gibbs.

Curren Warf, M.D., Former President, PSR-LA Board of Directors: “As a pediatrician, I am deeply worried about the world we leave our children. Resources expended on war and nuclear wearpons steal the future by wasting resources that could provided education, healthcare and housing to the world’s children. To me, PSR-LA provides an organized voice of reason for doctors and others that can help build a better world.” Read more about Dr. Warf.

Margaret Wacker, M.D. PSR-LA Board of Directors: “I need PSR-LA because the issues keep changing, and PSR-LA offers the support I need to stay current.” Read more about Dr. Wacker.

Shirley Magidson, PSR-LA Member, 28 years, in memoriam: “I became a member PSR-LA works to protect public health. I remain a member to create a legacy of a healthier planet for future generations.”