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Demand Better Air Quality for Los Angeles
take-action-3dOn February 3rd, the South Coast Air Quality Management District will vote on a crucial air quality plan for our region. Take action today to make sure that plan will bring Angelenos the air pollution reductions we need to improve health.

smoke+stackOn February 3rd, the board of the South Coast Air Quality Management District will vote to approve the crucial plan that will determine the future of air quality in the region. This plan, called the Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) will determine how we are planning to reduce health-harming emissions and meet the federal air quality standards in the Clean Air Act.

This will be the most important air quality plan that will determine our path for years to come. But the current draft falls short of enforcing the kinds of reductions necessary to improve health in the Los Angeles area, and heavily relies on voluntary actions from big polluters instead.

Los Angeles consistently ranks as having the worst ozone pollution in the nation. The air we breathe has substantial impacts on the health of our families and communities. Ozone and particle pollution can increase the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and asthma attacks, and negatively impact lung function and development, especially in children, and yet the AQMD repeatedly fails to meet the Clean Air Act’s health-based standards for ozone and fine particulate matter.

You can help by using your unique voice and clinical experiences to tell the AQMD that we need a strong plan to protect the health of our loved ones. We need bold leadership in order to achieve real and immediate reductions in air pollution.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Share your story and experiences as a health professional working with patients impacted by poor air quality. Quotes or excerpts from your story will be used to highlight the health imperative for better air.
  2. Let us know if you’re interested in sharing your story with a reporter. Your experiences bring the crucial health voice to stories covering the issue.

Click here to take action! Your voice is crucial in the fight for clean, healthy air in Los Angeles.

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