Take Action: PSR-LA Environmental Health Legislation

ca-capitol On May 24 and 25, one hundred and thirty environmental health and justice advocates representing over 60 organizations from across the state walked the halls of the state capital. Organized by the Environmental Health Legislative Workgroup, a working group of over thirty members including PSR-LA, The National Environmental Trust, California Environmental Rights Alliance and Californians for Pesticide Reform, Environmental Health Lobby Day brought residents from all across the state voice their concerns to legislators about human health and the environment.

Of the six bills in our Environmental Health legislative agenda, three remain active and will require further support from our members.

In April of this year, SB 1397 passed out of the Environmental Quality and Transportation Committee. With the support from numerous environmental and public health groups, the bill also passed through the Senate appropriations (May 11), the Senate Floor (May 26), and the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials (June 10). In total, SB 1397 received 28 votes in favor and 18 votes in opposition. PSR-LA is anticipating heavier opposition when the bill is sent to Assembly Appropriations. Contact your local Assemblymember and Governor Schwarzenegger and support clean air through SB 1397.

The Vended Water bill by Senator Richard Alarcon, sponsored by the Latino Issues Forum, increases enforcement of water vending machines and retail water facilities and establishes a consumer education program. Vended water consumers have a right to know  basic information about their water,  including source, quality, and sanitation procedures. Consumers must have the  assurance of knowing that vending  machines and retail water stores are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with the law. On June 22nd the bill made it out of the Senate Health  Committee and is on it way to the Appropriations Committee send your letters of support to the Assembly Appropriations committee at (916)319-2181.

On June 22nd the Pesticide Exposure Response Act, SB 391, made it through Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials with a vote of 7-0. The bill is now on its way to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Please fax your support letters to the Assembly Appropriations Committee at (916)319-2181.

For more information on these and other current environmental health legislation contact Martha Dina Arguello at (213)386-4901 x110.

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