Health and the Nuclear Gamble

The world has anxiously watched the events in Japan unfolding this past two weeks after the horrific earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster. The feelings are magnified out of a sense of helplessness in aiding the victims in Japan mixed with concerns for potential effects and implications to our own health and communities. In assessing the devastating effects of natural disasters, we must pause as we consider the potential for catastrophic effects of man made disasters, specifically from nuclear power plants.

Dr. Bill Perkins Letter to NY Times, New Think and Old Weapons

Take a look at the letter from PSR-LA Peace and Security Ambassador, Dr. Bill Perkins, to the NY Times, published on March 6th. In response to “New Think and Old Weapons,” Dr. Perkins calls upon lessons from three decades of PSR leadership to discuss the opportunities presented if a limited purpose of deterrence is adhered to in the nuclear posture review.