May 17 and 20 — Pre-Screening “Countdown to Zero”

Countdown to Zero is a new film to be released July 23, 2010 — a fascinating and frightening exploration of the dangers of nuclear weapons, exposing a variety of present day threats and featuring insights from a host of international experts and world leaders who advocate total global disarmament.


Preparing for a “Nuclear Event” in LA

Operation “Golden Phoenix” is Los Angeles County’s next preparedness drill intended to simulate a nuclear incident in LA area. The exercise, planned for summer 2010, will include a medical preparedness session in the lead-up to larger campaign.


Dr. Ira Helfand: Abolishing nuclear arms

Dr. Ira Helfand, past president of National Physicians for Social Responsibility, represents PSR and IPPNW at this week’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Check out his recent opinion piecethat was picked up by CNN.


Dec. 2 – World March for Peace and Non-Violence

An unprecedented social mobilization which aims to create consciousness of the dangerous global situation in which we are living — a situation marked by the heightened probability of nuclear conflict, a renewed arms race, and the violent military occupation of foreign territories.


An Age of Possibility – PSR-LA Board Member, Dr. Bob Dodge

This April 15th tax day finds the country and, indeed, the world in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. As we fund our nation’s priorities, each expenditure must be carefully considered for its investment in our future. We can stay the present course or make changes for a better tomorrow and a more secure future.


Last Chance! Sign the Call for a Nuclear Weapons Free World

PSR-LA has been working with 112 local, national, and international coalition partners to collect tens of thousands of signatures for the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World. We first introduced you to this call to action in December, and now we need you to sign on if you haven’t already done so — Tomorrow, Friday February 27 is your last chance, so please sign now!