October 24 — Lead and Environmental Toxins Training

Join us for a one day presentation by leading experts on childhood lead poisoning prevention and other environmental toxins. A collaboration of Southern California Health and Housing Council, LA County Public Health–CLPPP, PSR-LA, LA Housing Department and the Healthy Homes Collaborative.


Freeway Expansion a Misguided Approach to Improving Air Quality

How will expanding the I-710 freeway impact the health of nearby residents? In an Op-Ed published in EGP News, Dr. Felix L. Nuñez, MD, MPH, expresses his concern that freeway expansion will induce traffic and lead to negative health outcome in Bell Gardens, where he serves as the Chief Medical Officer of a community health center.


Ventura County Star: Protect our children; support ban on BPA use

A new study that shows girls are reaching puberty earlier than ever — which puts them at greater risk for behavioral problems as adolescents and breast cancer as adults — is just the latest report to highlight the many alarming health challenges facing our children today. Autism spectrum disorders are on the rise and childhood obesity has become a national epidemic.