Star Wars and the Environment

PSR-LA is coordinating a national effort challenging the environmental underpinnings of the Bush Administration’s missile defense system. The vast constellation of new missiles, satellites, radar systems, ships, and lasertipped 747’s are now being constructed to ostensibly shoot down enemy missiles. The government is currently expending tens of billions of dollars annually on these untested and geopolitically risky weapons.

Unbeknownst to many, the new missile system will have considerable impacts on the environment. Environmental documents reveal that military rocket launches will boom from six-per-year to more than forty. Exotic rocket fuel chemicals, probably responsible for extensive developmental disease here in California, may, when dispersed

in the atmosphere, profoundly deplete the earth’s life-saving ozone layer. Also, high above the atmosphere, the aftermath of missile tests, the jagged speeding debris, may damage communication satellites, the Space Station and perhaps even astronauts in space.

Coordinating efforts of the Center for Defense Information, Arms Control Association, Lawyers Alliance for World Security and Center for Public Environmental Oversight, PSR-LA director Jonathan Parfrey has helped lead this national effort to review the Missile Defense Agency-Ballistic Missile Defense System’s Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. PSR-LA is now working with environmental attorneys seeking to litigate over the DOD’s faulty plans.

If you wish to volunteer on this exciting project, please contact Jonathan Parfrey at (213) 689-9170 x107.

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