Setting the Right Course—Meet With Congress Now

Dr. Jose Quiroga, PSR-LA Board of Directors
Dr. Jose Quiroga, PSR-LA Board of Directors

As health professionals, your voice is powerful in helping this country take the next steps forward.

PSR-LA has to work harder and smarter than ever in California to ensure that the policies needed to change our country are not diluted, dissolved, or ignored. To really improve the health of children and families exposed to pesticides, poor air quality, harmful everyday chemicals; to prevent military pollution and the disastrous medical consequences of war—we cannot simply settle for slightly better policies—we must continue to effectively prevent what we cannot cure.  Much work lies ahead.

For years, PSR-LA has been the trusted voice that health professional colleagues, community members, media, and elected officials, has sought advice from. Now we have a unique opportunity to assert our voices nationally and locally to make even more progress towards our mission: “…to reduce threats to public health related to war and environmental toxins…”

We are in the process of setting up advocacy visits to the district offices of local representatives. California’s U.S. House and Senate delegation includes influential Committee and Subcommittee Chairs, and we need to make sure they enter the 111th Congress with PSR’s legislative priorities in hand. Contact Ana Mascareñas at (213) 689-9170, or email her at [email protected] if you’re interested in visiting your representative’s district office.

They need to hear the credible, trusted voice of their health professional constituents.

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