When: Thursday, September 16, 2010, 6:30 PM
Where: UCLA Faculty Center
: RSVP to bennettramberg@aol.com by September 15, 11am with your selection of $33 dinner/$38 dinner with dessert. Please bring your check payable to “Michael Intriligator,” your UCLA host. Parking is available at Structure 2, near the Faculty Center, at the corner of Hilgard and Westholme. Parking fee is $10.

SEMINAR TOPIC: TEACH PEACE TO THE WRONG PERSONS AND GO TO JAIL: As President of the HUMANITARIAN LAW PROJECT (HLP) and as lead plaintiff in the recent U.S. Supreme Court case HLP V HOLDER (2010), Ralph Fertig will discuss the court’s finding that pure speech, even when advocating legal, non-violent action, could be criminal if uttered to, with, in behalf of, or in coordination with a group designated by the Secretary of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, with no need to show an intent to further any illegal activity. Peace seekers and those who would provide only non-fungible humanitarian aid are now chilled from giving advice on how to file a complaint of human rights abuses. Journalists withhold stories because they cannot check them. Lawyers dare not offer representation. Medical practitioners may not proffering service, all at the risk of serving fifteen years in federal prisons. The opinion curtails First Amendment rights which we now seek to redeem through modification of the law by Congress.

THE SPEAKER: RALPH D. FERTIG has fought for social justice as a professor, federal administrative judge, civil rights lawyer, social worker and sociologist. The Washington Post Editorial Board dubbed him, “the conscience of Washington.” The Los Angeles Times cited him as “a cog in the wheel of justice.” He directs the sequence on social welfare policy and teaches a seminar on Social Work & Law at the USC School of Social Work. In addition to his many teaching posts, Fertig was executive director of the Greater Los Angeles Community Action Agency; executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Planning & Housing Association and the Washington Welfare Association, where he launched “war on poverty” programs. In the 1960s, he was part of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a freedom rider and an activist for a host of human rights groups. Fertig’s historical novel, Of Love and Liberation: When the Jews Tore Down the Ghetto Walls (Writers Club Press, 2001), became a Los Angeles Times bestseller. He also wrote Peace Corps’ Community Development Handbook (University of Maryland, 1967) and Men and Work: An Anthology and Commentary on the Nature of Work (University of Illinois School of Labor and Industrial Relations, 1963). Presently, he serves as president of the Humanitarian Law Project/International Educational Development, a non-governmental organization with consultative status to the United Nations Human Rights Sub-Commission. Additionally, he is the vice president of the Southern California Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action and sits on the executive boards of Progressive Jewish Alliance and Americans for Peace Now. He is the recipient of countless awards and grants for his lifetime of civil rights activism, his teaching, social service, and legal advocacy.

Organized and sponsored by PSR-LA, Michael Intriligator (Professor of Economics, Political Science and Public Policy, UCLA and former Director of the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations; Senior Fellow Milken Institute), and Bennett Ramberg (Seminar Director, is a former State Department policy analyst) and the much appreciated financial support of Richard Bernard, Jack Kaufman, Armin Satoff, Don and Judy Broder, Jack and Valerie Melmed, William E. Perkins, and an anonymous donor.

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