Residents Say No To Round-Up In Topanga

A Topanga Canyon community group
succeeded in stalling plans to spray the
herbicide Round-Up in the forested
canyon and now have the opportunity to
test non-toxic alternatives.

A Topanga Canyon community group succeeded in stalling plans to spray the herbicide Round-Up in the forested canyon and now have the opportunity to test non-toxic alternatives.

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy intended to eradicate Arundo, a giant reed that can monopolize riparian habitats. The plan included spraying in public spaces, but citizens strongly objected to the use of the herbicide.

Round-Up is a non-selective glyphosate herbicide manufactured by Monsanto and used to kill non-native invasive plants. Glyphosate’s overall toxicity to humans is not fully understood but it is a known ground water contaminant.

Galvinized by the issue, Rabyn Blake and Steven Hoye formed the Santa Monica Mountains Coalition for Alternatives to Toxics (SCAT) to tackle the issue at the policy level. Rabyn Blake, praised PSR and Martha Arguello for introducing the group to key people in the state working on toxic cleanup. With the help of these contacts, SCAT also succeeded in writing their toxic free policy goals into the Topanga Watershed Management Plan and has been granted a test plot by the Calfornia State Parks.

The next step is to establish a collaborative pilot program with several state agencies to use the plot to test toxic free alternatives to Round-Up.

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