PSR-LA’s Local Role in Promoting a Green Economy, Green Jobs

On August 13, 2008, over 100 grassroots leaders, members, and friends of the Los Angeles Apollo Alliance visited City Hall and urged the City to create a green building job training and placement program. Tova Fuller (pictured third person, left to right), UCLA MD/PhD candidate and PSR-LA Board of Directors Secretary, delivered a statement of support on behalf of PSR-LA.

Over the past year, we have continued to advocate for policies aimed at creating a new green economy in Los Angeles and California. One example is our work with the Los Angeles Apollo Alliance, where we are integrating PSR-LA’s mission and members’ voices in the Alliance’s campaign to connect residents to healthy, sustainable green jobs.

As a steering committee member, PSR-LA has been integral in the Alliance’s campaign to create a City of Los Angeles program that would “green” all of the city’s 1,000 municipal buildings, prioritizing buildings in low-income neighborhoods, and create jobs for low-income and disadvantaged workers. The policy is a first of its kind because it puts into practice at a city-level the underpinnings of a truly green economy—an economy that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency, non-toxic materials and sustainable and healthier jobs. If passed, this program will also establish Los Angeles as one of the first cities to create a municipal green retrofitting program that addresses poverty and economic justice.

This past summer, over 100 Los Angeles Apollo Alliance members, including PSR-LA, visited City Hall to encourage the City Council to pass the Green Retrofit and Workforce Development program.

PSR-LA Board Member, Tova Fuller, gave testimony at the Housing and Community Economic Development Committee in support of the retrofit program stating, “PSR-LA supports this policy because we believe it will reduce communities’ and workers’ exposure to hazardous chemicals that impact health, and at the same time create sustainable and health-ier jobs for all city residents.” Los Angeles Apollo Alliance members also visited City Council Members’ offices, asking for support to ensure that low-income communities of color are part of the emerging green economy.

The Alliance’s organizing and advocacy efforts paid off! The City Council has unanimously agreed to begin drafting an ordinance that would set into place a municipal retrofitting program. The Green Retrofit and Workforce Development ordinance will most likely come before the full City Council for a final vote in December.

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