PSR-LA’s “Best Untold Stories” Event a Success

Well over one hundred attendees filled the Academy Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, May 8, for PSR-LA’s conference, “L.A.’s Ten Best Untold News Stories; The Environmental and National Security Stories You Haven’t Heard About.”


Three camera crews, assorted journalists, attorneys, physicians and members of the public were rewarded with well told heretofore unheard news stories.


Dan Hirsch told how he recently obtained documents that revealed how the local water board and the polluter they regulate recently coordinated on ways to thwart an investigation.


Rochelle Becker gave vivid accounts of lax security at California’s nuclear power plants.


Greg Palast, the great investigative journalist, revealed the State of Florida will soon strike some 45,000 names

(mostly African-American) from the voting rolls – just as Katherine Harris did during the 2000 Presidential election.


Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Philip Coyle described the soon deployment of new Star Wars missiles here in Southern California.


And Renee Sharp provided a tremendous briefing on how the rocket fuel contaminant, perchlorate, has comes to permeate California’s drinking water.


Adroitly moderated by journalists Michael Collins and Kate Lutz, organizers affirmed that the event “got the word out” and that it should become an annual event.

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