PSR-LA Working With the Coalition for Environmental Health and Justice

class=”alignright size-full wp-image-912″ title=”CEHAJ” src=”https://www.psr-la.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/CEHAJ_logo.png” alt=”CEHAJ” width=”257″ height=”79″ />The Coalition for Environmental Health and Justice (CEHAJ) has been engaged in the community stakeholder proceedings of the I-710 Long Beach Freeway Corridor (local and state officials propose to expand the freeway) since 2001. CEHAJ, a coalition of community-based, health, environmental and environmental justice organizations dedicated to advancing demands for health, clean air, and improved quality of life along the I-710 corridor, became involved in the 710 project in order to ensure community members’ voices and demands are being heard. Demands which include improving air quality for residents residing along the 710 corridor. The stretch of freeway where the expansion project is being proposed passes through 15 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County and is located close to numerous residences, schools, day care and senior centers and hospitals.

The majority low-income and communities of color that live along the I-710 corridor are already burdened with health disparities without the added pollution a freeway expansion might bring.

PSR-LA’s role as a public health advocate is instrumental to making this campaign a successful one.

PSR-LA is promoting a practical approach to measuring health effects of the I-710 project. As part of our role as a technical assistance provider role in CEHAJ, we are helping bring accurate and effective public health science to the campaign by partnering with Human Impact Partners (HIP).
The practical approach used, called Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is based on four values: Democracy– allowing people to participate in the development and implementation of policies, programs or projects that may impact their lives; Equity– assessing the distribution of impacts from a proposal on the whole population, with a particular reference to how the proposal will affect vulnerable people (in terms of age, gender, ethnic background and socio-economic status); Sustainable development– considering both short and long term impacts, along with obvious and less obvious impacts; and Ethical use of evidence– identifying  and using the best available quantitative and qualitative evidence.

To find out more about how get involved in this campaign, as well as PSR-LA’s role in promoting healthy and sustainable development, contact Environment and Health Coordinator, Kathy Attar at 213-689-9170 x108.

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