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PSR-LA is making headlines! In just the last two weeks, our work to protect health and the environment was featured in multiple media outlets. We are building momentum for change and now must keep the pressure on.

Please help us turn this exciting media attention into action by donating today! Each of these stories features just what is at stake in our work: people’s health.

PM2.5Study may explain how pollution causes disease – KPCC
A new study examining the ways that air particulate matter causes cardiovascular disease was released in the Environmental Journal last week. PSR-LA has long worked to protect public health from toxic air emissions that greatly impact Southern Californians, particularly inland communities and those who live near freeways.

ssfllatSanta Susana toxic cleanup effort is a mess – Los Angeles Times
The cleanup of nuclear and chemical contamination at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), for which PSR-LA has worked for over 30 years, has had many setbacks recently. An SSFL Work Group community meeting organized by PSR-LA last week was also featured on KNBC 4, “Residents Question Toxic Waste Cleanup Efforts.”

44chemicals44 toxic chemicals used in local oil and gas operations, report says – KPCC
PSR-LA and other advocates recently released a report on chemicals used to drill and “stimulate” oil wells in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, which found that 44 toxic chemicals were used more than 5,000 times during the past year. More than half of the wells are located within 1,500 feet of a home, school, or medical facility. Click here to learn more.

jordandownsLA to test Jordan Downs for lead contamination – Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Housing Authority has finally agreed to test land near the Jordan Downs housing project for lead. PSR-LA has been working with our partners in South Los Angeles to make sure that residents are not being exposed to harmful lead and other toxic chemical contamination from years of operations by nearby industrial facilities.

Environmental toxins can cause serious and life-threatening illness. PSR-LA believes that communities should not pay with their health for dangerous decisions made by polluting industries.

All of the issues that PSR-LA takes on – air quality, climate change, nuclear threats, toxics, and unhealthy land use choices – require us to go up against deep-pocketed and powerful industry forces. Your financial contribution to PSR-LA can help us win. Sometimes, just one more physician training, one more visit with a legislator, or one more community meeting can make all the difference.

Media attention is great, but we know that real change takes organizing and action. Your donation to PSR-LA will help us ensure that heath care professionals and impacted communities are at the table and have a voice in changing the policies that put health in harm’s way.

Please give today.

Together, we can achieve our goal of a healthier, safer world.

All of us at PSR-LA
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