PSR-LA hosts webinar on Health Impact Assessments

Last week, PSR-LA hosted a webinar on Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) and the LA case study of the Farmer’s Field Stadium. We were joined by PSR-LA Health Ambassador Elizabeth Friedman, MD, and Eric Ares, the Deputy Director of the LA Community Action Network (bios are below).

Dr. Friedman presented on HIAs as a tool that can help communities, decision makers, and practitioners make choices that improve public health through community design. Mr. Ares grounded the fundamental concepts behind HIAs in a local case study: the 2010 proposed stadium in downtown LA.

If you missed the webinar, below you can find a recording, as well as each presenter’s power point presentations and bios.

  • Click here to view Elizabeth Julia Friedman’s presentation on Health Impact Assessments.
  • Click here to view Eric Ares’ presentation on the Rapid Health Impact Assessment of the Proposed Farmers Field Development.

If you have questions on Dr. Friedman’s HIA 101 presentation, you can reach her at [email protected]. If you have questions for Eric Areas regarding the Farmer’s Field case study, you can reach him at [email protected].


Elizabeth Julia Friedman is a physician with a public health degree and with training in pediatrics, internal (adult) medicine, and preventive medicine. She is currently a fellow at the University of Washington studying reproductive and pediatric environmental health. Her goal is to become an effective leader on issues of health and the environment capable of working with activists, governments at local level and higher, while still maintaining credibility with her colleagues, fellow physicians, and the science community.

Eric Ares is the Deputy Director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, a Skid Row-based grassroots organization that utilizes community organizing to address and change the structural and material conditions of poverty and oppression that exist in Downtown LA, South LA and beyond. His responsibilities include working alongside members and impacted community residents to address large scale development projects and policies that lead to the displacement of homeless and/or low-income residents. This includes the Play Fair Farmers Field campaign, which in addition to HIA utilized grassroots policy advocacy, community organizing, strategic communications, and other strategies to stop the proposed Farmers Field project in DTLA.

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