PSR-LA Collaborates on Diesel and Indoor Air Quality Bills

PSR-LA is collaborating with other statewide asthma organizations to promote two crucial bills. One seeks to improve indoor air quality in schools and the other reduces diesel emissions.

As part of the Community Action to Fight Asthma initiative, PSR-LA is working with the 12 statewide asthma coalitions to propose legislation to address indoor air quality in schools as well as coordinating statewide efforts to reduce diesel emissions.

PSR-LA staff members are working with PolicyLink and other asthma groups to craft bill language that will  stablish air quality standard for schools.

In Los Angeles, diesel emissions account for 71% of the entire basin’s cancer risk assessment. Current guidelines maintain that no more than 1 in a million individuals should be at risk for contracting cancer from breathing the air. Los Angeles’ air puts 1 in 1,400 at risk.

According to the bill current lan- guage, “formaldehyde levels in 4% of classrooms exceeded the guideline level established by CAL/EPA to prevent short-term adverse health effects.”

A recent California portable classroom study found indoor air quality levels to be in poor shape. Average classroom CO2 levels were 1070 parts per million (ppm) (recommended of less than 1000 ppm) and 9.8% of classrooms had one hour averages of more than 2000 ppm. Results were similar for traditional and portable classrooms. “These results indicate insufficient ventilation in a substantial portion of California classrooms,” according to the report.

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