PSR-LA Ambassador Program: Health Professionals and Nuclear Policy

PSR-LA Ambassadors from Sept. 20 session—Front row (left to right) Milford Wyman MD; Natalia Koteva; Ken Levy MFT; Ana Mascareñas (staff); Ruth Tavlin MFT; Farideh Kioumehr-Dadsetan, DVM, DrPH, MPH; Sharon Squassoni (presenter); Tova Fuller; Jose Quiroga MD; Denise Duffield (staff); Margaret Wacker MD; Wayne Glass PhD (presenter);  Martha Dina Argüello (staff) Back row (left to right) Bob Dodge MD; Michael Gutstadt PsyD; Stephen Coles MD, PhD; Bennet Ramberg PhD, JD (presenter); Curren Warf MD;  Bill Perkins MD; Anshu Vashishtha MD, PhD, MACP, RAC; Dorcas Tokes (not pictured); Shirah Vollmer MD (not pictured)

After holding two training sessions, the PSR-LA Ambassador Program: Health Professionals and Nuclear Policy, is shaping up to be the premier health professional voice on peace and security issues in  Southern California.

The featured speaker of the inaugural September 20th training was Sharon Squassoni of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. Dr. Bennett Ramberg also presented on nuclear terrorism risks, and our host, Professor Wayne Glass discussed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as well as effective policy advocacy skills.

At the November 8th training, Bruce Bennett PhD, Senior Defense Analyst for RAND (pictured left), discussed the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and nuclear policy challenges for the next administration. Professor Wayne Glass also lent insight into NPR considerations and opened the way for the in-depth discussion and the group advocacy planning that followed.

Many thanks to all the presenters and Ambassadors.

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