PSR-LA Ambassador Program – Health Professionals and Nuclear Policy

pandsambass When: Saturday, September 20, 2008
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Where: University of Southern California
Center for International Studies Seminar Room

PSR-LA is looking for health care professionals who want to deepen their knowledge about nuclear security and disarmament and what we can do to build a safer future. The PSR-LA
Ambassador Program will create a cadre of informed and dedicated health professionals in Los Angeles who can speak to the community, the media, and elected officials about nuclear security issues from our unique and influential perspective.

The first of a two-part training program will be held on
Saturday, September 20, and will provide information about current nuclear security issues and what can be done about them. The session will cover the fundamentals of US and world nuclear capabilities and related security issues including accidental war and the global proliferation of nuclear materials, technology, weapons, and expertise.

By the end of the session, workshop participants will obtain a strong fundamental understanding of vital nuclear security issues. A team of policy and academic experts will provide overview presentations on arms control agreements and organizations, as well as specific nuclear issues in Iran and the Middle East, North Korea, and India/Pakistan.

A second session will be held on Saturday October 18th that will focus on how to effect change within political and governmental power structure. The session will provide participants with an inside view of how Congress works and ways in which legislation and other actions can move the country toward a safer future.

Dr. Wayne Glass, a professor at the School of International Relations at USC and a veteran of 17 years on the Hill, will provide detailed “how to” guidance on effective lobbying. Participants will have an opportunity to put their new skills into practice so that they are fully prepared PSR-LA Ambassadors who can advocate for a safer, healthier world.

We need you to become a PSR-LA Ambassador!

The next administration will face many challenges and opportunities regarding the nation’s nuclear weapons policies. There are some 27,000 nuclear weapons in the world, approximately 4,000 of which are on hair trigger alert. The threat of a nuclear catastrophe has not gone away.

Steps are urgently needed to reduce the danger of nuclear war or nuclear accidents under the next administration. In addition, the international nonproliferation regime controlling the spread of nuclear materials, weapons, and technology is teetering on the brink of collapse. The existence of nuclear weapons among states such as India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel seriously challenges the international community to reverse further proliferation to other nations, including especially Iran.

Looming behind nuclear programs in those nations is the possibility that extremists might obtain nuclear materials or a weapon to threaten or destroy in a terrorist moment beyond imagination. The next administration and Congress will have to face these dramatic security challenges.

Nuclear weapons continue to threaten the destruction of human lives and our planet. Now is the time to get PSR-LA’s message across to our community in Los Angeles and to the nation’s leaders!

You CAN make a difference! Sign up to become a PSR-LA Ambassador now!

This event is free for PSR-LA  members.

Please contact Denise Duffield at (213) 689-9170 for more information.

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