PSR-LA Ambassador Natalia Koteva featured on UN website

Natalia Koteva UN videoPSR-LA was thrilled to learn that Peace and Security Ambassador Natalia Koteva is featured on the United Nation’s website.

UN members were asked to submit videos telling President Obama what he should focus on at his first United Nations meeting in September. Natalia, a UN-LA member and PSR-LA Peace and Security Ambassador, made a video asking the President to focus on nuclear disarmament.

Natalia’s video was perfectly timed — Obama recently introduced an historic resolution that was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council. The resolution calls for states with nuclear weapons to continue disarming, to ratify a ban on testing, and to agree to a treaty stopping the production of fissile material. In return, non weapons states should accept stronger safeguards to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. (See fact sheet on UNSC Resolution 1887.)

natalia2 Natalia is a Physical Therapist who recently graduated from California State University Northridge. Emigrating to the United States from Bulgaria, Natalia brings a unique perspective to PSR-LA’s work. We congratulate Natalia on having her video chosen and bringing PSR-LA’s message of nuclear disarmament to the UN and the world!

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