Planning for a Healthier South LA with the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative

Visit the California Endowment's Building Healthy Communities website to read about, see photos, and video about the planning process: www.calendow.org/healthycommunities/

This year, PSR-LA has taken a leadership role in planning for a healthier South Los Angeles through the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities strategic initiative. As the Endowment points out, where we live, work and play directly impacts our health. The evidence shows that for California to thrive, our communities must have more than available health care. Affordable housing, good jobs, safe schools, clean air, parks and playgrounds, walkable streets, markets with fresh fruits and vegetables, and strong social networks are also crucial to a healthy California.

Building Healthy Communities is a 10-year strategic initiative that The Endowment will fully launch in 2010. TheĀ  planning process is well underway in the 14 communities throughout California that will be funded, and PSR-LA has been active in the South LA planning, which focuses on the South Figueroa Corridor/Vermont-Manchester areas. Our decades-long work on pesticides, lead, air quality, and other critical environmental health issues has often led us to advocate and create change with partners in South LA, and we are proud to hold an important role in this planning phase.

Visit The Endowment’s Building Health Communities website (www.calendow.org/healthycommunities) to learn more about the initiative . Bringing together communities, advocates, and service providers for this long-term vision will no doubt lead to measurable improvements in protecting health, providing access to services, and creating a sustainable and healthier South LA.

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