Help PSR-LA Turn Moments into Movements

PSR-LA knows how to build and be part of effective and diverse coalitions that strengthen our movement for health and justice. But we need your help to allow us to leverage our unique position into the victories for a world safe from nuclear threats, with air and climate justice, and reduced exposure to health-harming toxic chemicals.

Los Angeles Youth To Take On Nuclear Disarmament

On November 4, Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School (ADOMHS) and Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA) will co-host a Youth Disarmament Conference, the first conference ever to be held in Los Angeles aimed at educating and empowering youth about nuclear weapons disarmament.

Physicians’ Organization Objects to San Onofre Deal: Edison Settlement Increases Health and Security Risks

A deal struck today between Citizens’ Oversight and Southern California Edison encouraging the utility to use its efforts to relocate the highly irradiated spent nuclear fuel may dramatically increase health and security risks for communities in Southern California and the Southwestern United States.

Community Research in South LA Reveals What the City and State Miss – Residents Live in Proximity to Hazardous Land Uses that Often Fly Under the Regulation Radar

By Jazmine Johnson As a resident approached the large building, he pointed towards it and declared, “That building used to be a bread factory, but it closed down and was converted into a community center many years ago.” He also noted that the much smaller building...