Our Issues

PSR-LA focuses on five program areas: Air & Climate Justice, Clean Water, Land Use & Health, Nuclear Threats and Toxics-Free Communities.

The Air & Climate Justice program works to protect vulnerable communities by reducing emissions that harm human health and hasten global climate change.

The Clean Water program identifies, assesses and addresses the challenges that Southeast Los Angeles communities face in having access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water.

The Land Use & Health program promotes healthy, community-led land use, reduces exposure to toxic pollutants and addresses harms created by forced displacement and gentrification.

The Nuclear Threats program advocates for nuclear weapons abolition, truly clean and sustainable energy, strong safety measures for radioactive waste and the full cleanup of contaminated nuclear sites. 

The Toxics-Free Communities program addresses the effects of toxic chemicals’ life cycle in frontline communities, from extraction, to production, to consumption, to disposal.