Oil Extraction Working Group

This is a secured space that only people who have been given access can view.  We can use this space to share information and plan our campaign to pass the ordinance that will prohibit extracting oil in Los Angeles’ communities.

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, August 12 at 10:30 am

Esperanza’s conference room
3655 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles

 The call in number  is 619-326-2772, access code 1703101.

The restaurants downstairs will validate your parking for 2 hours.  There will be charge for parking if you are there longer than that.  So grab something yummy to eat on your way in or out and let’s try to get this meeting started at 10:30, sharp, and keep it to 90 minutes!

Also, remember that it can get COLD in the conference room, you might want to bring a sweater!

On the agenda is:
  • community updates
  • what do we want out of a meeting with Californians Against Fracking?

Between now and our next meeting you should be thinking about:

  • who you know (either people or institutions) in each City Council District
  • any materials you have to share with the group (load them into the Google Drive)
  • naming our collective effort