October 19 — “Beating Back Bed Bugs” Workshop in LA Shows How to Protect Property and Health

Physicians, Apartment Owners, and Health Advocates Offer Comprehensive Bed Bug Control Training Oct. 19

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Bed bugs have re-emerged as a public health threat in five-star hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, and homes. Once considered a problem only for transient communities, bed bugs are more and more likely to be discovered anywhere. Treatment for just one apartment can cost up to $400, and may still not eliminate the problem before building-wide or neighborhood-wide infestations occur.

You can learn how to prevent bed bug infestations and provide effective, safe treatment in case they occur — attend the comprehensive workshop, “Beating Back Bedbugs” on Tuesday, October 19, 8am – 12:00pm, held at The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, 621 S. Westmoreland, Los Angeles 90005.

This workshop is coordinated with Safer Pest Control Project, a non-profit organization and Chicago’s leading expert in training and information on integrated pest management approaches to bed bug control. Co-sponsors of the training include Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA), the Healthy Homes Collaborative, and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.

Workshop attendees will learn the basics of bed bug control; the economic and health impacts of an infestation; how to effectively communicate to tenants, guests, and staff about bed bugs; proven strategies to effectively eliminate bed bugs, including the appropriate use of pesticides and alternatives treatments; and how to hire a qualified pest control operator.

Participants will also learn how to save money using integrated pest management techniques and preventative measures that limit beg bug problems. If you are a hotel owner, operator, manager; landlord and/or property management company, or someone who works in addressing the health issues of the general population, you should attend this workshop.

Cost to attend is $179 each person. All attendees will receive full resource materials and will have the opportunity to interact with top local experts on bed bug control. You can sign up on line at psr-la.org/, or by contacting Patty Ochoa at [email protected], (213) 689-9170.

Physicians for Social Responsibility is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of families by promoting the use of safe and alternative integrative pest management methods that decrease the exposure and use of chemicals and other environmental health exposures.


Register for this training now: psr-la.org/

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