Take Action on Nuclear Threats

Nuclear threats are uniquely harmful to health and potentially catastrophic to our very existence. We CAN create a safer, healthier world free from nuclear threats. Please take action today! Check this page regularly for updates on what you can do and ways to be involved.

Send a Message to President Obama
On the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, tell President Obama that nuclear weapons must be eliminated so that they can never be used again. Ask him to put the support of the United States behind the Humanitarian Pledge to legally prohibit nuclear weapons, an initiative which already has the support of over 100 nations, and then proceed with negotiations to completely eliminate nuclear weapons. Click here to send your message.

Tell Congress to Support the Iran Nuclear Deal
Contact your Congressional representative and tell them to support the Iran nuclear deal. Iran currently has enough stockpiled uranium to build 10 nuclear weapons. With this agreement in place, their stockpile of uranium is reduced by 98% which wouldn’t even be a fraction of what is needed to make a nuclear weapon. Without this deal, there would be no verification mechanisms in place and no access to Iranian nuclear facilities. Click here to take action on the Iran nuclear deal.

Write Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds When nuclear weapons are in the news (we expect significant coverage on the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings), write a letter to the editor in response. Respond quickly – try to write and submit your letter the same day as the original story appeared. Be sure to include the title of the original piece in the first sentence. Focus on only issue or point and keep it straightforward. Consider writing a longer opinion piece or “op-ed.” Click here for information on how to submit to over 100 leading media outlets.

Help PSR-LA Build A Movement In Los Angeles For A Nuclear Weapons Free World
Get involved with PSR-LA! Sign up for our E-news to take action on pressing issues, learn about upcoming events, or become a member. If you are a physician or health professional, become Health Ambassador to deepen your knowledge and advocacy. Click here to get involved with PSR-LA.

Support PSR-LA’s Prescription for Survival Campaign
Help PSR-LA build upon our unique legacy to combine the credible voice of physicians with effective, innovative advocacy to protect public health from nuclear threats. Click here to support the Prescription for Survival campaign.