Message from the Executive Director: Martha Dina Argüello

MarthaAt the core of PSR-LA’s work is a deep commitment to social justice and prevention. It is the unique gift of our organization to provide the physicians voice for changing policy that will protect current and future generations from the devastating impacts of weapons of mass destruction, climate change and environmental toxicants.

PSR-LA is leading the way in finding preventative solutions to the major environmental health challenges facing California. Working with our national office, we are a leading voice in addressing the long-term health consequences of war and calling for diplomatic solutions to international conflicts. We are making California’s air cleaner and are fighting to make sure that we make a just transition away from our fossil fuel economy.  We are changing how toxic chemicals are regulated by promoting a transition to Green Chemistry.

As the conscience of American medicine, PSR-LA is working with other groups to condemn the participation in torture by licensed health professionals through California Senate Joint Resolution 19.  We hope this resolution will be the model for national legislation that will repudiate torture and ensure that health professionals are not involved in state sanctioned torture and enhanced interrogations.

As we approach our 30th year as an organization, we must not let the public forget that nuclear weapons still pose a grave threat to human health, we must reduce our weapons stockpiles and ensure that we do not build a new generation of nuclear weapons.

In April we hired Ana Mascareñas as our full-time membership coordinator, who will ensure our membership grows, and that we train, engage and mobilize the next generation of PSR-LA doctors and allied healthcare professionals.

We value your participation and know that you will support our efforts – sign up for our e-advocacy system, volunteer to get more involved in our campaigns, join us on legislative visits and support PSR-LA financially.

Together, we can make the credible voice of physicians a powerful instrument for transforming California and our planet into a more peaceful and healthy place.

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