Member Profile: Michael Siegel, MD

michael-siegel-photoI’m a board certified pediatrician who joined PSR in 1984. I initially worked in the area of nuclear disarmament. After a long period of inactivity, I was drawn back to the organization through the ambassador program and specifically to the area of land use and health. Having worked for many years with disadvantaged populations, I’m well aware of the relationships between the two. Living next to landfills can pose serious challenges to the health of the children and adults growing up and or living under these circumstances. Being homeless also raises the risk of health issues for families. In addition, I have also worked with community based organizations while living in Boston and have advocated for solutions to decrease home foreclosures and health issues in lower socioeconomic areas of Los Angeles.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”left”]I know how important safe and secure living environments can improve one’s health status.[/pullquote3]The Health Ambassador Program is an opportunity for me to become more active in an important area to help establish robust communities in our city. I want to learn more in order to become more articulate on the subject. From my professional experiences I know how important safe and secure living environments can improve one’s health status.

Through my work as a health advocate, I hope to be a force of change through impacting the decision makers who manage these areas.

Dr. Michael Siegel is a Health Ambassador in the Land Use & Health Program with Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles

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