Make Sure SB 797 Protects Children From BPA

Action starts: June 19, 2009
Action ends: June 25, 2009

We’re asking for your continued help on an important bill to protect the health of California’s children. Over the past two months, PSR-LA has supported SB 797, The Toxin-Free Toddlers and Babies Act, through close Senate committee votes and a tough Senate floor vote.

We’re continuing to put pressure on our legislators in the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee to keep California’s children BPA-free by supporting this bill.

Send a letter to this Assembly Committee to support SB 797 right now.

Bisphenol-A, widely known as BPA, is a hormone-disrupting chemical found in many of the products we use everyday to feed our children. It contaminates children’s food and drink when it leaches from products like metal food and infant formula cans, jar lids, and plastic bottles and sippy cups. SB 797- Toxin-Free Toddlers and Babies Act would protect California’s children by nearly eliminating BPA from these baby products.

Take action! Send a letter of support to these Assembly Members today.

Thank you for being a champion for health!

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