Make a Call for Safer Chemicals – Fix Our Broken Chemicals System

Right now, you can take a simple action to help protect every American from toxic chemicals.

A bill that’s now taking shape in Congress will affect the way that businesses for years to come are allowed to expose us all to toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and other health threats. It’s called the Safe Chemicals Act of 2010, and it’s a game changer. The reforms could give families a real chance to place strong, commonsense restrictions on the use of dangerous chemicals that affect everyone’s health.

Too good to be true? Only a little: the current draft of the Safe Chemicals Act isn’t strong enough to protect our health.  But it’s not too late to fix the bill and ensure it works for us, not for chemical company profits. Your Congress member needs to hear that you expect him/her to support a strong, meaningful Safe Chemicals Act.

Please take action now, and spread the word.

Our online action tool explains how you can urge your Representative to stand up for strong chemical regulations that protect our children and future generations. Contacting your Congress member only takes a few minutes.  The difference it makes will last generations.

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