Liberation Politics: The Ally Concept

At our last meeting, the PSR-LA Board
of Directors passed a resolution urging the
moratorium on executions in California.
While our resolution will not change the
capital offense system, it contributes to
the movement needed for a moratorium
and makes us an ally with those who
refuse to sanction state execution.
At our last meeting, the PSR-LA Board of Directors passed a resolution urging the moratorium on executions in California. While our resolution will not change the capital offense system, it contributes to the movement needed for a moratorium and makes us an ally with those who refuse to sanction state execution.
What is an ally? It is one person united with another. It is s/he who supports the struggles of another – the struggle for a just society is multifaceted and needs many voices to succeed. Although we cannot participate actively
or principally in all struggles, we can nonetheless be allies of others fighting to end specific oppressions.
The notion of an ally is an attempt to break barriers and to form coalition over competition. Often the societal stress that we live under makes us turn against the people closest to us; then, we behave like the proverbial dogs fighting for the bones thrown at us, while someone else eats the meat. This infighting diverts important time and energy that could be used to fight the real battles. The ally, besides supporting other people, is helping her/himself; we all benefit long term from a just society; Dr. Martin Luther King recognized this when he stated that “an affront to justice somewhere is an affront to justice everywhere.”
The task of creating a better society requires the participation of everyone, as
main participants or as allies. Only in this way will the solution to our problems be within our reach.

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