Land Use Webinar Series Explores Policies and Campaigns that Address Noxious Land Uses and Health

Noxious land uses (click to enlarge graphic)

Over the summer, PSR-LA hosted a series of webinars focused on exploring examples of policy solutions to the challenges of hazardous and incompatible land uses. These resources were seeded in our 500 Feet Project research and learning goals. The 500 Feet Project is aimed at identifying potential policy solutions in relation to the challenge of incompatible land uses in South L.A. The following webinars were held in the month of June and August respectively:

The Green Zones webinar explored the initiative known as “Green Zones,” which uses comprehensive, community-based solutions to reduce existing pollution and environmental hazards, promote future sustainable development, and increase community participation in local decision-making. A number of Green Zones initiatives have been successfully piloted across the state—including right here in our own backyard through the CUGU Ordinance—and they appear to be an increasingly common and effective way to address environmental injustice and clean up heavily polluted communities. You can watch the webinar below:


The Clean Up Green Up webinar focused on the successful Clean Up Green Up ordinance and campaign. The campaign’s overarching policy goal was to “prevent further environmental degradation, reduce current pollutant levels and revitalize the physical environment.” Specifically, the policy established Green Zones in 3 environmental “hot spots” across Los Angeles – these included Pacoima, Wilmington and Boyle Heights. The ultimate goal of the policy was to clean up heavily polluted areas by regulating industries and helping businesses become greener. You can watch this webinar below:


For more information about PSR-LA’s Land Use work or the 500 Feet Project, contact Jazmine Johnson at [email protected].

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