June 4 – The Fukushima-daiichi Nuclear Accident: Lessons for California

Physicians for Social Responsibility joins Friends of the Earth in announcing that the former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, will visit Southern California June 3-5 to share his perspectives on nuclear safety and the future of nuclear power.

Kan was Prime Minister in March 2011 when an earthquake and tsunami triggered the catastrophe at the Fukushima-daiichi nuclear plant. He was confronted by three reactor meltdowns and a nuclear crisis that persists to this day.

On Tuesday, June 4, Kan will speak in San Diego at a seminar, The Fukushima-daiichi Nuclear Accident: Lessons for California, starting at 8.30 a.m. in the chambers of the San Diego County Supervisors, 1600 Pacific Highway. He will be joined by former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Gregory Jaczko, who led the Commission during the Fukushima-daiichi accident.

Kan will be welcomed by San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts. Also speaking will be former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford, nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson, and Kendra Ulrich, nuclear campaigner for Friends of the Earth.

The seminar, open to the public and media, will be preceded by a news conference at 8 a.m.

For journalists and the public who are unable to attend, the seminar and news conference can be heard on a live feed at http://sdcounty.granicus.com/ASX.php?publish_id=2&sn=sdcounty.granicus.com.

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