Jumpstart Good Green Jobs in LA

Sign the Apollo Alliance petition Action starts: December 15, 2009
Action ends: December 24, 2009

Green union jobs can help rebuild our communities, and the time is now! PSR-LA’s key role as a member of the LA Apollo Alliance has ensured that policies for a healthier, greener California and Los Angeles are at the forefront in our local and state-wide policy work.

This month, President Obama held a Jobs Summit in DC to discuss the potential for job creation in this economic crisis. As we speak, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is shining the light on the need for global solutions to climate change.

Here at home, we have been building a movement for equitable, green and sustainable solutions! Show your support for good green jobs solutions in Los Angeles.

In April 2009 the Los Angeles Apollo Alliance, a coalition of over 24 community, labor and environmental groups, organized to win a landmark Green Building Retrofit Ordinance to:

  • make existing city owned buildings more energy and water efficient and invest in ALL communities
  • create good union green jobs
  • create a pathway out of poverty for disadvantaged workers and community members

With Your support, our City leaders can step out to highlight the innovative work of community members, organized labor and the environmental community and implement our vision in 2010!

Help us ensure the promise of the green economy reaches every community and that our neighbors, friends and family are put back to work.

Sign the petition to jumpstart the creation of good green jobs in LA!

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