Industrial Land Action

PSR-LA Action

PSR-LA engages both at the state and local level to advocate for health promoting and equitable policy solutions that address industrial contamination and incompatible land uses. We recognize that state level decisions can have tremendous impacts on local development and work at all levels is essential to ensure that we build a health-focused and socially responsible model for California’s built environment.

Statewide Policy Work:

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  • DTSC Reform: PSR-LA supports legislation and advocacy efforts that aim to create meaningful reform at DTSC. We support the work of the People’s Senate, a group founded on the belief that residents must be included in and lead the decision-making processes that affect their communities.


Local Policy Work:

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  • Los Angeles Community Plans: The City of LA Planning Department is currently updating eight of its 35 Community Plans, two of which are the South and Southeast Community Plans. Through our work with the UNIDAD coalition, we work with local allies and officials to ensure the South and Southeast Community Plans are shaped in a way that guides equitable and healthy development. PSR-LA primarily engages in policy recommendations that deal with the environmental health conditions in these communities, such as industrially zoned parcels of land
  • South Central Industrial Assessment: PSR-LA is currently mapping out industrial parcels in both the South and Southeast Community Plans, with a focus on pollution violators and severe industries. This research will be compiled into a report on industrial land uses and pollution burdens in South Central Los Angeles.
  • Jordan Downs: This community of 700 low-income families living in public housing is located in the Watts neighborhood of Southeast Los Angeles. In 2013, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) initiated and approved a plan to turn the area into a mixed-use community. The Jordan Downs housing complex is located near a former industrial site known as “the Factory” which was used for steel manufacturing, trucking operations and waste storage. DTSC identified contaminants in the soil from industrial operations at the site consistent with steel manufacturing, trucking-related operations and the storage of engine oil and oil wastes, fuels (diesel and gasoline), paint thinner and electric transformers, including lead, arsenic and naphthalene. PSR-LA and our allies are dedicated to making sure the Jordan Downs redevelopment occurs with full and proper remediation of the land, and that current residents of Jordan Downs are not displaced post-redevelopment.