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Climate Change

Human health is greatly threatened by climate change and its effects on every aspect of our lives, from housing, to the economy, to transportation. Our failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will have profound effects on human health and the environment, and will exacerbate social and economic inequality. We work to achieve strong and equitable climate policies in California that reduce health-harming emissions and move us forward into a clean energy economy.

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Land Use & Health

South LA has been identified as one of California’s top 5-10% most environmentally burdened communities, leaving Los Angeles residents living near polluting industrial sites at a greater risk of severe health inequities due to poor air quality and exposure to environmental hazards and toxins. These statistics show that we need to pay closer attention to the use of land as it affects health, and in particular the use of former or current industrial sites. We aim to address this reality by reducing resident exposure to toxic land contaminants in South LA.



Chemical toxics are widespread in America’s consumer products, in the foods we eat, and in our schools, workplaces, and homes, posing significant risk to our health. PSR-LA is committed to reducing the threat to public health posed by harmful toxics through policy development, community education, and health professional trainings.

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Nuclear Threats

From uranium mining that has poisoned indigenous communities to the health and security hazards of nuclear power and radioactive waste, the entire nuclear cycle presents threats to health that are uniquely harmful. PSR-LA has a long history of advocating for nuclear disarmament, reactor safety measures, and protective radiation exposure policies.


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