Introducing Our New Website!


PSR-LA is proud to announce this new website, which reflects the strength and innovation of our organization, and our many achievements through the years. At, you can browse through decades of newsletter articles, learn more about our members, and view dozens of documents and photos that reflect the breadth and depth of PSR-LA’s work. The site is also modernized to allow readers to subscribe and easily share with others via e-mail, social bookmarking and social networking sites. There’s still much more to come, so make sure to visit often.

Development and redesign was led by staff members Denise Duffield and Ana Mascareñas. Tremendous support and website construction was provided by interns Carla Trippe, Gopi Shah, and Brenda Puente.

New features of this website include:

  • Powerful search tool bar that indexes the entire site
  • Web 2.0 features such as comment posting and easy social web sharing
  • Tagged, easy-to-browse pages and posts
  • Fully embedded photo and video galleries
  • Decades of PSR-LA articles and resources (and more to come!)
  • Expanded options for online donation and membership actions

This new website will help us work even more effectively to achieve our mission — With a proven record of changing local and national policies, helping achieve international diplomacy, and raising the voice and profile of physicians and health advocates who are committed to social responsibility, we ask that you continue to support PSR-LA. Make a donation and become a member, or renew your PSR-LA membership today.

Let us know your feedback on this website by emailing [email protected], calling us at (213) 689-9170, or commenting below!

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