Help PSR-LA Turn Moments into Movements

Congratulations. If you are reading this message, you have survived 2017. Throughout this difficult year, we have been especially grateful for PSR-LA’s community of health professionals and advocates who support our movement-building efforts for health and justice. Click here to read more about highlights and successes from PSR-LA’s programs in 2017.

PSR-LA works at the intersection of health, justice, peace and security. We know how to build and be part of effective, diverse, and intersectional coalitions that strengthen our movement. But we need your help to allow us to leverage our unique position into the victories for a world safe from nuclear threats, with air and climate justice, and reduced exposure to health-harming toxic chemicals. Please give your tax-deductible contribution to PSR-LA today.

Your financial support is critical to our ability to be flexible and respond quickly to important public health threats while providing the connective tissue needed to weave moments into movements and lasting progressive change. Today, we are asking for your generous donation to help PSR-LA increase our capacity to train new members, expand our programs, and amplify the health voice in all policies.

Thank you for standing with us in good times and stepping up in bad, as we must be relentless in 2018 and beyond in our struggle for a safer, healthier world.

PSR-LA Year in Review

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