Health Effects of Chemicals Used in Fracking

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Many stages of oil and natural gas development use chemicals. These chemicals are used not only for hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” but also well drilling and during recovery and delivery of oil and natural gas. Many of these chemicals are toxic and may seriously harm human health and the environment.

Surprisingly, a large number of the products and their chemical components used in the process remain undisclosed to the public because the oil and gas industry claims the chemical mixture is a “trade secret.” An in-depth review by Dr. Theo Colborn and colleagues at The Endocrine Disruption Exchange generated a list of hundreds of products used during oil and gas development and only a fraction of their respective chemical components. The study, “Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective,” published in 2011, presented an extensive database of fracking products and chemicals made publicly available to date,  and their respective health effects.

PSR-LA created an infographic to summarize what is known about the products and chemicals used in fracking and their known effects on human health and the environment. Click here to download the infographic (PDF).

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PSR-LA’s nifty infographic on the adverse health effects of hundreds of toxic chemicals used and kept secret by the oil and gas industry during fracking. Share and help support PSR-LA’s fight against industry trade secrets and to protect public health!


Check out PSR-LA’s infographic on the health effects of chemicals used by the oil and gas industry during fracking #DontGagDocs #fracking


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