Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Californians from Perchlorate

This October, Governor Davis signed legislation that will safeguard Californians from perchlorate, a drinking

water contaminant known to interfere with thyroid function and proper fetal development. Pregnant women and their unborn are particularly susceptible to perchlorate exposure. This bill passes at a critical time, when federal action has failed to swiftly protect Americans from this harmful contaminant. PSR-LA and Environment California have strongly advocated for the passage of both bills.


Senate Bill 1004 (Soto) requires owners of perchlorate facilities to notify the State Water Resources Control Board

about the location and volume of perchlorate stored from 1950 to the present. The bill emphasizes the authority of the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards to order perchlorate facility owners to replace drinking water supplies that have been damaged by perchlorate.


Assembly bill 826 (Jackson), the Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act, directs the Department of Toxic

Substances Control (DTSC) to develop best management practices for perchlorate by December 31, 2005. It also establishes a statewide database connecting Cal-EPA’s hazardous waste materials with data from local agencies.

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