Getting out the Vote in California and Nevada

Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA) is teaming up
with a great non-profit group, Project Vote, in an effort to increase voter participation in Southern California and Nevada. Nevada is considered a key
swing state. And the folks in Las Vegas may well determine who becomes the
next President of the United States. Project Vote specializes in registering,
and implementing get-out-the-vote activities in low-income and minority communities. The group has registered three million people since 1982.
PSR-LA has made the trip to Las Vegas before. In 1999, Drs. Richard
Saxon and Robert Wesley testified before Federal officials on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear repository. PSR-LA organized events at the Nevada Test Site. And even as recently as this past month, PSR-LA Director Jonathan Parfrey surveyed the perchlorate pollution entering the Colorado River via the Las Vegas Wash. PSR members are familiar with the issues that may persuade Nevada voters—these include access to health care, Yucca Mountain, and clean air and water.
Please join us for a kick-off “Get Out the Vote Lawn Party” in Los Feliz on
Sunday, July 11, 2004, from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. PSR-LA members Jimmy Hara MD,William E. Perkins MD and W. King Reilly MD are serving as hosts. The
event will take place at the home of Becky and Don Hanson, [please contact
PSR-LA at (213) 386-4901 to receive address and directions]. The Requested donation $25 per person, but, of course, bring your checkbook. Jonathan Parfrey will speak.
Please note that both Project Vote and PSR are non-profit organizations and as such cannot help any candidate or party. Our work is non-partisan, as it must be to preserve the tax-deductibility of contributions. We cannot tell voters how to vote. But we can help voters have a voice, and we can clarify issues within our expertise.

For more information call the PSRLA office at (213) 386-4901 x108 or               W. King Reilly MD at (323) 341-6154.

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