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For over 40 years, PSR-LA has built relationships with community members, becoming a trusted resource and partner for environmental justice and nuclear abolition. We mobilize health professionals to join members of the most impacted communities to hold our elected officials accountable and to push for equitable health and policy solutions. 

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There's such a need in public health for people to take leadership roles and speak out, and that's what PSR does. I'm so proud of what they've done, and I keep going because they keep going.

Dr. Devki Patel, MD | PSR-LA Health Ambassador

The science is clear. In study after study, we see undeniable correlations between the pollutants that choke the Wilmington air and the headaches, asthma and cancers that we see in our clinics every day.

Dr. Lorenzo Antonio Gonzalez, MD, MPL | Family Physician at Harvard UCLA Medical Center and PSR-LA Member

Our country's landscape is dotted with toxic Superfund sites that impact the health and wellbeing of the lives of surrounding communities every day. These sites result from the disregard, neglect, malfeasance, capture and abuse by government agencies and corporations while under their stewardship. If and when these sites are cleaned up, it is only through the dogged efforts of local activists who make it happen.

Dr. Robert Dodge, MD | Family Physician and PSR-LA Board President