Health Ambassador Program

PSR-LA offers ongoing support, resources, and professional development opportunities to health professionals interested in advocating for public health, environmental justice, or nuclear policies.

What is HAP?

Health professionals play an essential role in advocating for public health policies that protect communities across Los Angeles and Southern California. That’s why PSR-LA offers our Health Ambassador Program, which provides ongoing support, resources, and professional development opportunities to health professionals interested in advocating for public health, environmental justice, or nuclear policies.

Our Health Ambassadors work alongside community advocates to engage in direct policy advocacy with legislators, decision-makers, and the media. PSR-LA’s Health Ambassador Program will provide you with the training, information and resources needed to be an effective advocate — from speaking at public hearings to raising awareness about your patients’ needs, you will use your medical skills and knowledge to advocate for health-protective policies on behalf of your community.

We welcome medical doctors, nurses, public health workers, residents, retirees, students, and other allied health care professionals to become a PSR-LA Health Ambassador.

Participation in the Health Ambassador Program is free — we fund this program through the generous contributions of our dues-paying members.

To join or learn more, contact Membership Program Manager Rahel Kemal at [email protected].

“I challenge you to become a member of PSR-LA if you care about the residents in the community of Los Angeles County and you want to make a change.

Nicole Vick, MPH, EdD | Public Health Advocate and PSR-LA Board Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What have PSR-LA’s Health Ambassadors accomplished?

When you take part in the Health Ambassador Program, you join a long legacy of physicians and health activists who are innovators in protecting public health.

Our Health Ambassadors:

  • Write op-eds to submit to publications in support of our environmental justice and nuclear threats initiatives.
  • Provide public testimony to demand oil and gas setback rules to protect public health, which was recently passed by the Governor Gavin Newsom.
  • Take part in our “Don’t Mourn, Organize” workshop to gain advocacy skills and connect with more than 100 like-minded health professionals

I have a busy, full-time schedule. Can I still participate in the Health Ambassador Program?

Yes. Most of PSR-LA’s Health Ambassadors are full-time, practicing professionals. We welcome anyone interested in participating in PSR-LA’s issue areas, no matter how much time they can commit.

For example, you can attend any of our trainings to become an ambassador. We also send regular action alerts to our ambassadors on key action items, which range from signing a petition to meeting with representatives. We encourage our ambassadors to take action within their capacity.

How can I attend one of the Health Ambassador Program Trainings?

You can check for upcoming Health Ambassador Trainings and other public events on our Attend an Event page and follow the registration instructions to RSVP for our virtual trainings. Additionally, you can sign up for our e-newsletters, which highlight monthly events and HAP training sessions.

Can PSR-LA host a HAP training specifically for my organization or program?

PSR-LA hosts HAP trainings for medical schools, hospitals and health professional organizations that are interested in building environmental health and climate justice advocacy skills and working alongside impacted communities to fight for public health. If you are interested in PSR-LA hosting a training specifically for your institution or organization, please email our Membership Program Manager Rahel Kemal at [email protected].

I am a medical or health professional student interested in volunteering with PSR-LA. How can I support the work at PSR-LA in the capacity of a volunteer?

PSR-LA is not a volunteer-based organization, so we do not have volunteer opportunities. Rather, we ask that you become a donor-member to support our work. Dedicated members help us achieve our mission by answering call to actions to move policy forward and supporting us financially through donations.