Dr. Bill Perkins Letter to NY Times, New Think and Old Weapons

Take a look at the letter from PSR-LA Peace and Security Ambassador, Dr. Bill Perkins, to the NY Times, published on March 6th. In response to “New Think and Old Weapons,” Dr. Perkins calls upon lessons from three decades of PSR leadership to discuss the opportunities presented if a limited purpose of deterrence is adhered to in the nuclear posture review:

The safety and survival of humanity depend on international efforts to avoid any use of nuclear weapons, either in warfare or in terrorism. To persuade other nations to join us in these efforts, the United States should lead the way as outlined in your editorial.

Ultimately, the goal should be to declare that nuclear weapons should never be used and should be abolished. As President Obama has said, this is a future goal, but right now, the United States can declare that the sole purpose of having nuclear weapons is to deter a nuclear attack against this country or its allies.

With this limited purpose of deterrence, a new nuclear posture review can commit the United States to take as many warheads off hair-trigger alert as possible, to refuse to build or design any new nuclear weapons systems, and to negotiate with Russia for even deeper cuts in nuclear arsenals.

These changes to the nuclear posture review can point the way toward real national and international security.

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