Designing Healthy Communities with Dr. Richard Jackson

PSR-LA is proud to announce a new 4-hour series, “Designing Healthy Communities” hosted and narrated by Board member Richard Jackson, MD, MPH. The series examines the impact the built environment has on key public health issues – obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cancer and depression. Dr. Jackson connects community design with burgeoning health costs, then analyzes and illustrates what citizens are doing about this urgent crisis by looking upstream for innovative solutions. Dr. Jackson has also published a companion book by the same name.

To learn more about the series, order a DVD, or purchase the companion book, please visit the Designing Healthy Communities website. To find out when the series will be playing in your community, please refer to the site’s PBS station listing page . If you don’t see the show in your area, please contact your local station and ask them to run the series.

Episode 1: Retrofitting Suburbia – (preview) from MPC on Vimeo.

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