PSR-LA Science & Policy Update: July 2014

In this month’s Science & Policy Update, we examine the recently changing policies surrounding the use of flame retardant chemicals in California, and the science that links many of these toxic chemicals with adverse health effects such as cancer, reproductive disorders, and brain damage.

PSR-LA Science & Policy Update: June 2014

For many years we have known about the carcinogenicity of many agricultural pesticides and have called for a greater understanding of the reproductive and developmental impacts of these chemicals. The UC Davis study released this week is a new addition to the ever-growing body of literature that shows a relationship between pesticides and brain development.


Science & Policy Update June 2014: Nuclear Threats

On June 9 a newly declassified report by Sandia National Laboratory was released which revealed new details about the near detonation of a hydrogen bomb over North Carolina in 1961. The report, published by the National Security Archive, confirmed much of what had been disclosed about the “Goldsboro incident” last year in Eric Schlosser’s book Command and Control. After decades of denying that the crash of a B-52 bomber carrying two multi-megaton hydrogen bombs could have resulted in detonation, we now know that an explosion was just barely averted.


Science & Policy Update June 2014: Regional Air Quality

This month, we focus on two things: 1) a report released by PSR-LA and three partner organizations that analyzes the kinds and amounts of chemicals being used in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to extract oil; and 2) a new report from the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment that helps explain how particulate matter in the air causes cardiovascular disease. Both pieces help us better understand air quality in the Los Angeles region