New Report Highlights Health Concerns for LA Environmental Justice Communities Living Fenceline to Oil Drilling

Liberty Hill Foundation released Drilling Down, a report detailing the health and safety concerns of neighborhood oil drilling operations in Los Angeles, particularly as they are experienced in LA’s Environmental Justice communities. Los Angeles is home to the largest...
Recommendations: 2010 Propositions and Public Health

Recommendations: 2010 Propositions and Public Health

PSR-LA is pleased to present a recommendation guide for several of the ballot propositions placed before voters this Fall. These measures directly affect the prioritization of public health with state funds, and directly affect our state’s ability to provide critical health services and preventive measures in California.

CA Could Save $700 Million in Health Care Costs by Reducing Chemical Exposure

According to a new report released today, more than $5 billion nationally, and $700 million in California could be saved every year by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. This report calls for reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 to catch up with the science of the last 30 years, and start protecting public health.